It’s much more than just a card, it is a STATEMENT


Rainbow by  has being designed to be the perfect alternative to Cash while enjoying holidays, eating out, partying and Gay Pride Events all over the world. 
We are working hard with retailers and event organisers to provide savings on rainbow cardholder purchases during the various events that we will be attending across the UK and Europe during 2018.

Rainbow Prepaid by 
One time load Travel Cards, multiple load Everyday Cards, Company Salary Cards, Expenses and Remittance Cards.
Best Rates when Abroad

For customers of Rainbow we provide you with the MasterCard rates so your money will go further when using your Rainbow card in for purchases in different countries and currencies.

Buy E-Money vouchers and make purchases without sharing your confidential banking or card information.

Order your Rainbow Card today and the first 100 customers will also receive our exclusive powerbank


The perfect power bank for smartphones and more will  provide 2500mAh capacity, giving your smartphone or other devices instant boost of power to get you through the day.

The ultra-slim and lightweight design fit perfectly in your pocket.