Fair Usage Policy – Prepaid MasterCard

Prepaid Card Inclusive Usage

This Fair Use Policy forms part of your Agreement with Prepaid and applies where you subscribe to our prepaid product.

Our guiding principle has always been to provide services that you may have been either, financially excluded or prevented from benefiting in similar services provided by other Institutions. Also to provide a fair and easy to understand fee structure and pricing policy that avoids confusing terminology and complicated costs which saves customers time and money.

With the above in mind, we have to point out that certain services we provide are costly to us, this is due to third-party fees. Our fees are designed to be fair and to enable us to provide our service to all customers and to cover our costs.

We will be continually working to bring these operational costs down.

Cash Recycling – any behaviour which Prepaid deems to be “cash recycling” whereby high volumes of cash are taken out of an ATM using a Prepaid Card that we believe is being used to repay the credit card used to load the prepaid account in order to gain rewards on the funding card is not permitted and may result in immediate blocking of your Prepaid Card and associated prepaid accounts.

In addition to the restricted access, legal fees and administration charges will be applied to any remaining balances up to £100 per instance of suspected cash recycling. We may automatically charge this to your chosen funding account or card if your prepaid available funds are insufficient to cover these fees.

This Fair Usage Policy does not apply to Pay As You Spend (PAYS) tariffs.

Prepaid offers two types of Fair Use Product Plans

  • Travel Card
  • Pay Monthly Card

Inclusive services are detailed below for the inclusive usage allowance of each product in your Agreement.

General Terms for Fair Usage applies to all the above.

Our aim is to be your first choice as an alternative to traditional payment cards, providing safe, secure and efficient multi-currency payment services that are cost-effective and can save you money when compared to other foreign currency providers.

Card Issuing / Purchase Fee£ 20 on Pay As You Spend (PAYS)
Point of Sale Transaction Fee£ 0.30
ATM withdrawalMinimum £1.50 or 1% of the amount withdrawn whichever is the greater amount
Card to Card Transfer£ 2
Decline at ATM or POSExcessive attempts will be charge at £1 per day
Card LoadingFree
Account Closure/Redemption£ 5 or 1% of card balance
Foreign Currency ConversionMasterCard exchange rates

On placing funds to the Prepaid Card, you will be required to deposit funds to your E-Money Account. This will be subject to a per transaction administration charge.

Multi-currency based services and prepaid card services can be expensive for Prepaid to provide. In our desire to make our services available to all customers based on their needs and requirements, and to help them get the most from fixed-fee products, we have several monthly inclusive usage options.

The inclusive usage is reset at 00:01 on the first day of the month. Should you exceed the inclusive transactions in your price plan you will only be charged in accordance to our PAYS tariff to cover our costs.

This means that we can keep all our costs down and provide better services to our cardholders.

Our platform uses third-party systems to identify whether the Funding Source is a debit or credit card. If you believe your card has been incorrectly categorised, you should contact us at support@an-other.co.uk to provide evidence of the card type in order for loading fee to be corrected and any overcharge to be refunded after we complete our investigations with the third-party processor.

At Prepaid we do not apply different fees or categories to POS type spends on the prepaid card. Domestic and International Fees are the same regardless of who you’re paying, what you’re buying or in which country the transaction is being completed.

Your inclusive transactions limit will count to all these transactions.

Our standard charge applies to both Domestic and International, these means you pay the same fee regardless of which country or ATM is used. The original number of inclusive transactions depends on which of the fixed plans you are a member. Withdrawals over the inclusive limit per calendar month will be charged at £1.50 (or currency equivalent) per transaction or 1% whichever is the greater value.

Please note that you may also be charged by the ATM machine owner for withdrawing cash. Any additional withdrawal fees charged will be your responsibility after completion. This charge is therefore outside our control and we recommend that you check for this notice which should be displayed on the screen or near the machine BEFORE you make any cash withdrawal.

Subject to account limits, changing your available funds into any of the 15 prepaid currencies is free, but will be subject to our Commercial FX conversion rates.

This functionality is still in development and Multi-Currency product upgrade will be launching during 2018 to support up to 15 currencies. We will not be imposing frequency limits/restrictions to customers when converting balances between the following currencies


  • AUD Australian Dollar
  • AED UAE Dirham
  • CAD Canadian Dollar
  • CHF Swiss Franc
  • DKK Danish Krone
  • EUR Euro
  • GBP British Pound
  • HKD Hong Kong Dollar
  • JPY Japanese Yen
  • NOK Norwegian Krone
  • NZD New Zealand Dollar
  • SEK Swedish Krona
  • SGD Singapore Dollar
  • USD United States Dollar
  • ZAR South African Rand

We aim to provide currency swaps at preferential rates when compared to some bureau-de-change providers as our rates are matched with the interbank rate. Unfortunately, some currencies are difficult for us to access and trade. In these circumstances, we will always provide the best rate available on the day of settlement for your transactions.



One-time purchase £35 Rainbow card.  After purchase, the card can be loaded only once up to £2,500.

Fair Usage Rules

  • Single Card Load – maximum amount £2,500 or currency equivalent in the 15 currencies
  • ATM usage limit of two transactions
  • Maximum in a single ATM transaction is £500
  • Maximum ATM total is £1,000 (You can withdraw up to £500 two times after the card is first loaded)
  • POS usage limit of 50 transactions

At we pride ourselves with providing our exchange rates at daily Interbank level, which means you will always receive the best rate on the day that the transaction is made with no additional fees.

Enabling customers to be able to credit the account in multiple currencies and load the funds to the card at the prevailing MasterCard InterBank Rates, provides our customers with peace of mind in knowing that there is no hidden fees or charges when using their Prepaid Card anywhere in the world.

Therefore we apply an administration charge to all deposit methods.

Payment Method
Admin Charge
Processing Time
Bank Deposit (Domestic)£2 plus 1% of credit amount if not GBPWithin 24 hours of receipt
Bank Transfer (SEPA/Swift)£2 plus 1% of credit amount all currenciesWithin 24 hours of receipt
Card Payment

Maximum Transaction £500

£2 plus 1% of credit amount all currenciesFirst Transaction 3 days

Second transaction within 24 hours but up to 3 days at weekends